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Choosing the Best Pop-up Books 

Ann Montanaro 

East Brunswick, New Jersey 

In Albert Tillman's book Pop-up! pop-up! he listed his 
choices of "The 100 best pop-up books." As I reviewed 
his list. I found that I agreed with many of the titles, 
disagreed with some, and missed a number of my 
favorites which were not included. Tillman described 
how he choose titles for his list: 

"It wasn't easy at all. Books stood out for 
varied reasons. Some books were pure 
entertainment, others were strictly 
educational and a few were both. Some tell 
classic stories like Sleeping Beauty . . . and 
others create original new stories. There 
were some that documented single historical 
events and others that celebrated famous 
people or fictional characters. Some were 
outstanding examples of quality printing, 
triumphs of colors, well written condensed 
narration, and artful illustration . . . some 
were one of these and some were none of 

Variables made setting a selection 
criteria difficult. But any pop-up book to be 
considered had to have first impression 
visual impact - the pop-up mechanics, the 
engineering of objects/figures moving off the 
flat page and erecting into a piece of 
intriguing paper sculpture was my starting 

There was a temptation to list separately 
books from different eras because the 
technology available was different and to 
treat entertainment volumes different from 
educational. Can you evaluate an alphabet 
book against explaining the workings of a 
camera? Can you match up a familiar fairy 
tale with the story of Christopher 

\\ e found too much criteria muddied the 
water ... got in the way of choosing with a 
passion. We decided not to take the cowards 
way of only making a bunch of lists based on 

I wondered what titles other people would put on their 
"best list" and what factors they would use to select those 
tides. To find out I sent an e-mail message to members of 
The Movable Book Society who had registered with an 
e-mail account. Those 60 people were sent a copy of the 
top 50 titles from the Tillman list and asked to identify 
their choices of the best pop-up books. Since some 
people may not be familiar with older titles, the list was 
limited to books published from 1960 to the present. 
Twenty-three people responded. (The results of this 
small sample follow.) 

What standards are used to select titles? Should there 
be selections for different categories, e.g. best 
incorporation of illustration into the pop-up; best 
mechanical device: creative use of a variety of devices; 
integration of story, mechanicals, and illustration? 

In The best of 3-D books Tadashi Yokoyama wrote: 

When I begin to wonder which of the 3-D 
books is truly creative, there gradually but 
automatically appears a solution to the quiz. 
People are surprised at exaggerated 
movements and stand-ups of most complex 
structure jumping at them as they open 
pages. Does the charm of 3-D books really 
lie there? I do not think so. Plastic models 
beat all the others when it comes to faithful 
reproduction of the original. Following the 
movements of an object can be best done by 
a video camera. To build a unique world not 
attainable in other genres by using the 
restrictions placed by the use of paper and 
the form of a book and the simplification 
and abstraction that are necessitated by 
these restrictions . . . these must be the real 
pleasure of looking at 3-D books. 

Respondents also made useful suggestions forjudging 
the best books. "The overall concept of the book must be 
enhanced by the pop-up." "The movable feature of the 
book is not there to overwhelm the content but is a tool." 
"A really good pop-up has mostly to do with creati\it> 
and paper engineering." "Ownership influences what 
appears on a list." 

( nntinued on page 8 

The Movable Book Society 

Movable Stationery is the quarterly publication of The 
Movable Book Society. Letters and articles from 
members on relevant subjects are welcome. The annual 
membership fee for The Society is $15.00. For more 
information contact Ann Montanaro, The Movable Book 
Society, P.O. Box 1 1654, New Brunswick, New Jersey 

Daytime telephone: 732-445-5896 
Evening telephone: 732-247-6071 
e-mail: montanana 
Fax:732-846-7928 or 732-445-5888 

The deadline for the next issue is February 15. 

TV Pop-up Segments Popular 

by Roy C. Dicks 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

In Raleigh, NC, on the community TV cable channel, 
there is a weekly mazagine-style program called What's 
New Carolina on which I had done several book-related 
segments. When asked for additional progTam ideas, I 
suggested one on pop-up books, which was accepted. In 
July, 1997, 1 was given a full seven-minute segment. 

Knowing that I could not really go into much history 
and that the books were the essential part of the segment, 
I sought to catch the imagination of viewers who were 
not familiar with the current state of pop-ups. Beginning 
with the statement " What is a grown man doing 
collecting pop-up books?", I proceeded to show the most 
dramatic pop-ups in my collection. I started with the fully 
rigged ship in Sailing ships (van der Meer), which was 
actually the book that got me started over a decade ago. 
I then moved on to the Wright Brothers plane in Those 
fabulous flying machines (Reit). the spider in Gruesome 
land creatures (Hoy), the fully rounded globe in The 
Earth in three dimensions (Lye), the multi-roomed A 
three dimensional Edwardian dollhouse (Sanders) and 
ended with the double-back fold-out in Tyranosaurus 
/?&r (Sibbick). 1 mentioned the existence of the Movable 
Book Society and gave some information about collecting 

The response in the studio after the taping was quite 
pleasantly surprising. Those in the control room and the 
camera operators were all crowding around me wanting 
to see the books again and asking numerous questions 
about them. Only a few days later, the program director 
told me they had had many calls about the program and 
they have since run it several more times. 

1 was asked to do a follow-up segment in August. 
Again, I felt that the emphasis needed to be on the books, 
so 1 displayed more titles from my collection that I 
thought would show up best on camera. I opened with 
Pirate ship (Hawkins), followed by the two-story house 
in The Peter Rabbit spectacular (Warne Books). 
Reflecting recent news, I then showed two versions of 
working volcanoes in Evolution (Hawkey) and Planet 
Earth (Vita-Finzi). Further emphasizing scientifically 
accurate pop-ups, I then showed The bee (Norden). 
Finally, to demonstrate the range of possibilities, I 
showed the horses and carriage in The royal family 
pop-up book (Montague-Smith), the parting of the waters 
in Bible stories (Kondeatis) and all of Greg 
Hildebrandt's book of three dimensional dragons. 

Once again the reaction in the studio was gratifying. 
Guests and studio personnel who had asked before the 
segment about what 1 wasas happy to further the cause in 
my local area, following up on the 45-minute 
lecture/demonstration 1 did last December in the local 
independent bookstore. Quail Ridge Books, which carries 
a good selection of pop-ups at all times. That 
presentation was so successful that I have been asked to 
present the "annual" pop-up progTam there each 
December ( just in time for gift buying.) As always, I 
have made sure everyone is aware of the Movable Book 
Society and the current interest by collectors. 

Roy C. Dicks is a member of the MBS and was a 
reference librarian for 27 years. 

Step Right Up! Step Right Up! 

By Ellen G.K.Rubin 
Scarsdale, New York 

Have you ever bought a book with a price tag 
which won't come off? Have you gingerly tried to 
scratch it off with your fingernail? Has the sticker lifted 
taking part of the cover with it. ruining the book? Has a 
gooey residue remained despite the use of nail polish 
remover or lighter fluid? Do you feel me winding up 
for the pitch? 

There is an answer to our prayers. It is a magic 
marker-type pen which easily removes most gummed 
labels. TidyPen. by Micro Care of Bristol, Ct. will 
revolutionize our book cleaning. It was my partner in 
"book crimes," \l\rna Shinbaum. who had seen the 
TidyPen demonstrated on QVC. a home shopping TV 
channel. The product was being offered as a method of 
removing labels from glassware, toys, etc. Myrna 
suggested we trv it on books. 

Now an avid book collector, I was once a scientific 
researcher. I experimented with the Tidy Pen using 
books from my collection. (Am I crazy? No. just 
devoted.) The TidyPen worked best on glazed-board 
covers. After saturating the label with the solvent by 
pressing the pen's nib against it, the label came off in 
pieces with a slight scrape of my fingernail . Patience is 
definitely a virtue in these matters. With older books, 
such as Sound alikes. a 1 967 Random House book, 
with the nostalgic price tag of $1.95!, the surface paper 
peeled off first, leaving the dried and cracked gum. An 
additional application of the pen removed the rest of 
the gum. Using the TidyPen, the label scars from prior 
unsuccessful attempts cleaned off easily. 

Removing stickers from paper and paper covers, 
such as those of the Blue Ribbon series, was an entirely 
different matter. At first I thought I had sacrificed my 
Dick Tracy on the altar of research by leaving an oily 
stain on the cover. But after a short while, the solvent 
evaporated without a smudge. Again, by working 
slowly, saturating the sticker and removing it in stages, 
the label came off cleanly leaving no stain or scar. 

Although it is not listed in the brochure, Michael 
Jones of Micro Care told me the pen would erase 
crayon. I found that not to be the case. Smearing the 
crayon mark is a definite hazard. The brochure also 
claims the solvent will remove the residue from 
cellophane and masking tapes. I did not try this. The 
TidyPen's nib often became blackened, and I worried 
that the grime would transfer to the cover or page. It 
didn't. The nibs may be cut or extra ones purchased 
separately. The solvent is derived from the by-products 
of orange juice and has a pleasant fruity odor. A handy 
pocket clip on the cap makes the pen ideal for carrying 
around at book fairs, flea markets, or tag sales. The 
brochure boasts several other uses for the TidyPen. 
among them the removal of chewing gum from 
carpeting and scuff marks from floors. 

As long as a book's condition is a key element in its 
desirability, the need to remove labels and detracting 
marks will be of paramount importance. The Tidypen. 
as I have found it, may help in improving a book's 
condition. Please, however, do not hold me responsible 
for your experiences with the TidyPen. And, by the 
way. if you are saying. "Big Deal! I've known about 
this product for a long time," then shame on you for 
keeping it to yourself! 

The TidyPen may be purchased from: (all items in 
stock as of 11/11/97) 


TidyPen (Item #L 80881) 3 pens 
$15.91 plus $3.97 S&H 
(no nibs or aerosol offered) 
Major CC, checks, money orders accepted 

Com-K.vl 1-800-538-1578 

TidyPen (#MCC-P01) $5.99 plus S&H 
Replacement nibs (#MCC-P40P) 25/bae 
$11.95 plus S&H 

"Label Remover" (#MCC-471 1) 
12oz aerosol can $10.95 + S&H. 

Major CC, checks, COD accepted 

Pace (England) 44- 1 908 277666 ask for sales 
(I have not personally checked with this company.) 

Damien Hirst 

Mike Simkin 
Solihull, England 

/ want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with 
everyone, always, forever, now, by Damien Hirst is a 
very substantial publication that Hirst oversaw along 
with Jonathan Bournbrook (designer). This is his first 
book and focuses comprehensively upon his celebrated 
works, ideas and obsessions. The print run for this 
edition was 14.000 copies to retail at £59.95, which 
will increase to £75 in 1998. [$100 in the US.] 

Whether one defines the book as a unique 
monograph, a multiple, an artist's book or a work of 
art, it does provide a very fine photographic record of 
the artist's work and his general approach together with 
press cuttings, early work and reviews. The press in the 
UK has highlighted the pop-up and novelty paper 
features but they are only one amongst a wide range of 
special items. The promotional material and press 
release listed the features of the book as follows: 334 
pages; 330 x 290 mm portrait; 7 gatefolds. 23 die cut 
pages; 7 pop-ups and novelties and 14 special features: 
jacket with gatefolds; free Damien Hirst poster: over 
700 illustrations in full colour. ISBN: 8-7396-844-2. 

[Note: This book is available at the St. Mark's Book 
Shop. 8th Street and St. Mark's Place in New York 


1 ft - Awful 

2 ■& - POOR 

4 & - Good 

5 "£? - Superb 

^A^, Alphabet Zoo. By Lynette Ruschak. Ill: 
AJLjV May Rousseau. Paper Eng: Jane McTeigue. 
■»$•■ Envision. 1-8-90633-00-3. S 14.95 US, 20.95 
Can. 19x1 9cm. 9 spreads. 1 large pop. 23 flap/tab 
mechs, 1 wheel, 1 flap. Art: Simple, bright paintings. 
Plot: A romp through the zoo (without the cages). 
Love a book with a lot of mechs. Nicely done and 
run too (especially "X") . Paper Eng: Simple. 

An adventure with Bobby Bear. Text and 
III: Maurice Pledger/ Bernard Thornton 
Agency. Paper Eng: Richard Hawke. 
Thunder Bay Press. l-57145-070-x.S10.95 US. 
2 1x2 lcm. 9 spreads. 1 large pop, 6 flap mechs. Art: 
Realistic paintings. Plot: A bear searches for honey 
after hibernation. Beautiful illustrations and 
handsomely designed. Paper Eng: Simple to 
somewhat complex. Also: (All titles begin with "An 
adventure with...") Billy Bunny, 1-57145-069-6; 
Charlie Chick, 1-57145-071-8; Morris Mouse, 
1-57145-072-6; Polly Polar Bear, 1-57145-077-7; 
Winnie Wolf, 1-57145-075-0. 

The Architecture Pack. Text by Deyan 
Sudjic. Everything else by Ron van der 
Meer. Knopf. 0-679-43100-4. $50.00 US, 
S70.00 (oh my god!) Can. 28x28cm. 7 spreads, 13 
half pages. 18 pops, 7 tab/flap mechs, 13 flaps, 1 pair 
of red/blue viewing glasses, 1 audio cassette and 
various paper booklets and removable paper items. 
Art: Photography and color drawings. Plot: 
Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) 
about architecture. A fantastic book! Great pops, 
activities, you name it, it's in here. The best one since 
Art Pack. 
Paper Eng: Simple to complex. 

Bad Kitty! By Lynn Chang. Chronicle 
Books. 0-8 118-1 657-5. S8.95 US. 1 5x 1 5cm. 
9 spreads. 4 pops, 3 tab mechs, 1 wheel. Art: 
Flat, bright color and thin black pen. Plot: Being 
naughty only the way a cat can. Very trendy and 
understated design. Unashamed to show (the ever 
popular) coughing up of hairballs. For cat lovers 
only. Paper Eng: Simple. 

Bottom of the ninth. By Dale Gottlieb. 
Paper Eng: Jane McTeigue Kingfisher. 
0-7534-5046-1. S8.95 US. 19x1 9cm. 5 
spreads. 3 pops, 7 tab mechs, I wheel. 1 flap. Art: 

Stylized paintings. Plot: The last moment of a very 
tense game of baseball. Fun if you enjoy baseball. 
Paper Eng: Simple 

The boy who cried wolf. By Carla Dijs. 
Little Simon. 0-689-81483-6. $5.99 US, 
$7.99 Can. 15x15cm. 5 spreads, 5 pops. 
Art: Simple, humorous pen airbrush. Plot: When will 
men (and boys) learn that lying always leads to 
trouble? Cute art but for very young readers. Paper 
Eng: Very simple. Also: The lion and the mouse, 
0-689-81480-1; The little red hen, 0-689-81481-x; 
The tortoise and the hare. 0-689-81482-8. 

A^ Bugs in space. Bv David Carter. Little 
ytjjv Simon. 0-689-81430-5. $14.95 US, $19.95 
■*^m Can. 23x1 8cm. 8 spreads. 3 pops, 9 tab/flap 
mechs. Art: Bright, colorful computer generated. 
Plot: Can't keep those bugs earthbound! Blast off for 
more fun from the master! .Art only gets better with 
each title and some great mechs, too. Paper Eng: 
Somewhat complex. 

Charlie the Chicken. Text and Paper Eng: 
Nick Denchfield. Ill: Ant Parker. Red 
Wagon/Harcourt Brace. 0-15-201451-9. 
$12.95 US. I~9xl9cm. 7 spreads, 3 pops. Art: Simple, 
bold pen/watercolor. Plot: A little chicken with a 
huge appetite. Short and sweet, for very young 
readers. Paper Eng: Simple to somewhat complex. 

Choo-Choo Charlie - The Little-tow n 
Train. A Pop-up Play village with a 
Wind-up Toy Train! By Dawn Bentley. Ill: 
Michael Welpy. Art dir: Jim Deesing. Paper Eng: 
Uncredited. Piggy Toes Press. 1-888443-27-8. $24.95 
US. $34.95 CarT22x28cm. One 3-D fold-out playset 
with train track, buildings and removable paper 
people. 1 wind-up toy train. 1 electronic sound chip 
that makes train sounds. Art. Realistic water color. 
Plot: It doesn't matter. All you're going to do is 
wind up the train and watch it go around the playset. 
Very inventive movable, toy book. Sound chip plays 
longer than any I've ever heard. When do we see the 
NYC one with a wind-up taxi cab that mows down 
pedestrians? Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. 

Color Surprises: A pop-up book. By 
Chuck Murphy. Little Simon. 0-689- 
- J 81504-2. $12.95 US. $16.95 Can. 17x17cm 
10 pages. 10 tab. flap mechs. Art: Bright, colorful 
computer generated. Plot: Who would have thought 
learning your colors could be so fun Deceptively 
simple yet surprisingly elegant. Quietly beautiful and 
sometimes that's just fine. Paper Frig Somewhat 

Dig, Dig, Dig it! By Iain Smyth. Crown. 

0-517-70955-4. $12.00 US, $15.50 Can. 

20x20cm. 6 spreads. 7 tab mechs, 2 wheels. 
Art: Humorous black crayon/watercolor. Plot: How a 
backhoe digs. I know that sounds boring but this is 
quite a delightful title even if it is for young readers. 
Simple design and concept but some very nice 
mechs. Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. Also: Zoom, 
Zoom, fire engine! 0-517-70956-2. 

^/V Don't be surprised! By Kathy Trevelyan. 
y^jlfc 111: Haydn Comner. Paper Eng: Mat 
ta^id Johnstone. Dial Books. 0-8037-2282-6. 
$13.99 US. $19.99 Can. 24x22cm. 10 spreads. 5 
pops, 3 flap mechs, 1 flap. Art: Very stylized, 
European-looking (no offense everyone across the 
ocean, they just don't look American) paintings. 
Plot: A young girl and boy on an adventure to meet a 
mysterious stranger. Very unusual and quirky, but 
love the art. Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. 

Egyptian Mummies. By Milbry Polk. Ill: 
Roger Stewart. Paper Eng: Jose R. 
Seminario. Dutton. 0-525-45839-5. $16.99 
US, $24.50 Can. 22x29cm. 4 spreads, 2 with side 
flaps. 6 multi-piece pops, 1 tab mech, 14 flaps. Art: 
Realistic paintings. Plot: How to build a mummy. 
Very informative title with lots to look at. Pops could 
be a little more interesting. Paper Eng: Simple. 

^A^ I can too! [An Elmer Pop-up Book] By 
AjLjV David Paper Eng: Damian 
*&* Johnston. Lothrop. 0-688-15547-2. $15.95 
US, 27x26cm. 5 spreads, 3 pops, 1 1 tab/flap mechs, 6 
flaps. Art: Fun, bright pencil/gouache. Plot: Adven- 
tures of a patch-worked elephant. According to the 
book's back copy Elmer has "millions of fans" but 
Eve never heard of him. However book is delightful 
as a movable title. Many clever mechs including a 
3-D Elmer. Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. 

Martha paints with her kittens. By Mike 
2"Z Walsh. The Millbrook Press. 0-7613-0285-9 

S14.95 US, $20.95 Can. 21x23cm. 6 
spreads. 2 pops, 7 tab/flap mechs, 1 wheel, 1 flap. 
Art: Humorous pea watercolor. Plot: Some messy 
kittens teach very young readers about painting. 
Slightly diverting but not much more. Paper Eng: 

t .My busy day. By Phillippe Dupasquier. 

1 Paper Eng: Uncredited. HarperFestival. 
0-694-00978-4. $10.95 US. $14.75 Can. 
24x1 6cm. 10 pages. 8 identical sliding mechs that 
increase the width of each page horizontally. Art: 
Humorous ma«ic marker/ watercolor. Plot: Ahhh. the 

active life of a toddler. Simple but unusual concept 
for a movable since each picture is extended to tell 
more of the story. Paper Eng: Very simple. 


Nightmare Hotel. By Alex Henry. Paper 
^ » Eng: Antie V. Stemm. Envision. 1-890633- 

02-x. $15.95 US, S22.50 Can. 15x28cm. 5 
spreads. 4 multi-piece pops, 4 tab/flap mechs, 1 8 
flaps, 3 removable paper items. Art: Quirky, 
humorous paintings. Plot: If you check in you'll 
never check out! A creepy delight, I'd stay for a night 
or two. Paper Eng: Simple to somewhat complex. 

Old Mac Donald's pop-up farm. By 

Oyster Books Ltd. Ill and design: Katy 
Rhodes. Paper Eng: Uncredited. Barron's. 
0-7641-5055-3. $13.95 US, $17.50 Can. 22x24cm. 
6 spreads. 3 pops, 4 flap mechs, 1 musical chip that 
plays the theme song. Art: Humorous pea watercolor. 
Plot: American (English?) nursery rhyme. Not very 
inventive. If you're going base a movable book on a 
song that millions of kids sing it better be great. 
Unfortunately this isn't. Paper Eng: Simple. 

^A^ Ollie the Elephant. By Burny Bos. Ill: Hans 
/^5«2jV de Deer. Paper Eng: Vicki Teague-Cooper. 
tiQZ* North-South Books. 155858-709-8. $15.95 
US. 19x26cm. 5 l A spreads. 7 pops, 5 tab mechs. Art: 
Humorous, delicate pen/watercolor. Plot: A young 
elephant wishes for a baby brother on his birthday. 
Beautiful illustrations and sweet story. Paper Eng: 

Peekaboo Babies. By Lionel Le Neouanic. 

Concept and Paper Eng: Jerome Bruander. 

Orchard Books. 0-531-30016-1. $12.95 US. 
19x20cm. 10 pages. 14 tab/flap mechs, 18 flaps. Art: 
Humorous, child-like, brushy paintings. Plot: Count 
the babies. Mildly diverting although the art is 
interesting. For very young readers. Paper Eng: Very 

Richard Scarry's Pop-up Time. Designed 
by Jom Deesing. Paper Eng: Bruce Reifel. 
Little Simon. 0-689-81077-6. $8.99 US. 
SI 1.99 Can. 16x2 lcm. 5 spreads. 4 pops, 4 tab 
mechs. 1 wheel, 1 pair movable clock hands. Art: 
Simple, humorous pen/watercolor. Plot: Teaches 
youngsters how to tell time. Nice, but for very young 
readers. Paper Eng: Very simple. Also: Richard 
Scary 's Pop-up Wheels, 0-689-81076-8. 

The Rock Pack. By James Henke. Designed 
B\ Ron van der Meer. Universe Publishing. 
0-7893-0100-8. 28x28cm. 6 spreads, each' 

with ! 2 page side flap. Approx. 10 pops. man\ 

removable booklets and paper items, removable 
Compact Disc compiled by the Rock and Roll Hall of 
Fame andMuseum. Art: Mostly photography. Plot:An 
(exhaustive) history of the baby of blues. A true 
who's who of rock and roll and their contributions to 
the industry. Quite nice. Paper Eng: Simple. 

The Secret Fairy Handbook. Original idea 
by Dawn Apperley. Ill: Penny Dann. Paper 
Eng: Uncredited. Little Simon. 0-689- 
81458-5. $14.95 US, $19.95 Can. 14x21cm. 9 
spreads. 3 pops, 2 flap mechs, 14 flaps, various 
removable paper items. Art: Humorous watercolor. 
Plot: The carefree life of fairies. Cute, but for very 
young readers. Paper Eng: Very simple. 

Stellaluna - A Pop-up book and mobile. 

3 t By Janell Cannon. Paper Eng: Intervisual 
Books, Inc. Harcourt Brace and Co. 0-15- 
201530-2. $18.95 US, $26.95 Can. 25x23cm. 6 
spreads. 4 pops, 2 tab mechs. Art: Realistic colored 
pencil/airbrush. Plot: An orphaned baby bat makes a 
temporary home with a family of birds. Based on the 
picture book that sold a gazillion copies. Better than 
the average picture book turned pop-up book. Paper 
Eng: Somewhat complex. 

This Little Piggy. Ill: Jane Manning. Paper 
Eng: Uncredited. HarperFestival. 0-694- 
01000-6. $6.95 US, $9.25 Can. 21x15cm. 
(foot shaped). 5 spreads. 1 pop, 5 tab mechs. Art: 
Humorous pencil/watercolor. Plot: The famous toe 
pulling nursery rhyme. Funny and cute, nice art. 
Paper Eng: Simple. 

Trucks at work: A counting pop-up. 

Concept, design and paper eng: Dennis K. 

Meyer. Ill: Frank Ansley. Little Simon. 0- 
689-81736-3. $12.95 US, $17.50 Can. 22x20cm. 5 
spreads. 1 pop, 9 flap mechs. Art: Humorous 
pen-water color. Who knew there were so many 
different types of trucks to count? For very young 
readers. Paper Eng: Simple. 

Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty! By Jonathan 
*2fc Allen. Paper Eng: Richard Ferguson. Sound 

Eng: The Candle Music Co.. London. Dial 
Books. 0-8037-2212-5. $16.99 US, $24.50 Can. 
24x27cm. 9 spreads. 1 pop. 7 tab mechs, 7 electronic 
sounds. Art: Bright, humorous pen/watercolor. Plot: 
A twisted version of the classic fain,- tale. The first 
movable I've seen where the tab mechs enable an 
action and create a sound. Story and art are funny, 
sounds are great. A "must have" for any collector. 
Paper Eng: Simple. 

Annual Pop-up Exhibit 

The 10th Annual Pop-up and Movable Book 
Exhibit will be held from the first of December, 1997 
through the end of January, 1998 at The University of 
Arizona's Main Library in Tucson, Arizona. This 
exhibit is free and open to the general public. 

Chuck Murphy, the paper engineer of One to ten: 
Pop-up surprises, will open the exhibit on December 1 
from 9:00 a.m. to noon in the Special Collections 
Annex of the Main Library. He will be available for 
signings of previously purchased books and will 
present an illustrated talk on the assembling of pop-up 
and movable books in Hong Kong. 

The curator of the exhibit is Dr. James T. Sinski. A 
copy of the exhibit is available upon request. For 
library hours call 520-621-6441. 

Forthcoming Book 

Theodore Brown's magic pictures: The art and 
inventions of a multi-media pioneer by Stephen 
Herbert is scheduled to be made available by the 
British The Projection Box in 1997. 

Although published by Louis Giraud, new 
information shows that the paper engineering for the 
Daily Express and Bookano pop-up books from earlier 
this century was by co-patentee Theodore Brown. 
Brown had long been involved in optical novelties 
(including stereoscopic photography, 3-D cinema, and 
dimensional jig-saw and had previously written, drawn 
and published children's books featuring his patented 
system of red-green moving pictures. His pop-ups 
include numerous ingenious designs, incorporating 
ratchets, a "pepper's ghost" effect, and movement. 

This new publication, the first on Brown and his 
work, places his pop-up publications in context with 
the many related optical novelties of the first half of the 
20th century. 

FAO Schwarz Collectible 

FAO holiday collection & pop-up treasury is a 
limited edition book showcasing some of the Christmas 
catalog oners between 1920 and 1948. When the book 
is opened a pop-up carousel springs to life replicating 
the 1929 cover. The book costs $18.00 and is available 
in FAO Schwarz stores with collectible departments or 
from the "Barbi and the collectibles" catalog. Call 800- 

the 2nd Conference of the 
Movable Book Society 

APRIL 30 TO MAY 2, 1998 

Member Receives Award 

Queen Mab, a limited edition, hand bound miniature 
book from Pequeno Press won one of three 1997 
Distinguished Book Awards from the Miniature Book 
Society. This miniature pop-up opens out on all four 
sides revealing a little silver Queen Mab riding in her 
hazelnut carriage with silk reins, drawn by a gnat. The 
illustrations are designed by Graham Barrett Royce and 
"painted" on the computer. Covered with Japanese 
hand block-printed paper and lined with handmade 
paper from Waterleaf Mill & Bindery. The box is a 2 
'/4 inch cube with a 25 page accordioned text. Bound at 
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Movable Book Society 
member Pat Baldwin and staff. The edition is of 60 
signed and numbered copies. 

The book was exhibited at the Miniature Book 
Concave in August and is part of the MBS Traveling 
Exhibition which can be seen in libraries and 
museums. This and other Pequefio Press books can be 
viewed oniine at: 

Ql. 1 am trying to identify a pop-up available through It is "Bible Pop-up Storybooks-4 vol. 
Boxed Set." The ISBN is 1-5647-6197-5 and it was 
published by Chariot Family Pub. in 1994. The list 
price is $66.91 . Does anyone have this set in their 
collection? Is it an Ottenheimer Publication at an 
unusually high price? Thanks for your help in 
identifying this. I guess I could just buy it and see for 

Q2. 1 need information about two books: Bambi and 
Changing pets . Bambi was illustrated by Faith Jaques 
and published in London about 1960. If you own a 
copy of this, please send me the name of the publisher, 
the number of pages and a brief description of the pop- 

Changing pets is a Nister publication in the Renier 
Collection in London. I have been unable to find any 
description of the plates. If you own a copy of this 
book, I would like more information about it and a 
description of the movable plates. 

Ann Montanaro 
East Brunswick, NJ 

Auction of Movable Books 

Swann Galleries in New York City will auction a 
collection of children's books on January 8, 1998. The 
collection features movable books by Lothar 
Meggendorfer, Victorian children's pop-up and 
movable picture books, and important early 20th 
century pop-up books published by Blue Ribbon 
Books, Pleasure Books, Ernest Nister, and Disney 
Studios. Meggendorfer's Comic actors will be included 
in the sale. "The dancing master" (show below) is a 
movable plate from that book. 

A sale catalog is available for $15.00 from Swann 
Galleries. 104 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010. 
Telephone: 212-254-4710, Fax: 212-979-1017. 


Q. In Tony Sarg's book Treasure Island, a pirate on an 
island is looking for the treasure. There is a long, 
shallow pocket. What did it hold? If some has whatever 
it is, can they send me a color facsimile? 

Ellen Rubin 
Scarsdale. NY 

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The following pop-up books published since 1960 each received two or more votes from the online survey: (The 
names listed with each title are incomplete and are used only as a guide to identify the title.) Which books are your 
favorites? What measures do you use to judge books? Should all titles be put in one list or should they be divided into topical 
areas? What does "best'" mean to you? I look forward to receiving your lists, comments, and suggestions and continuing this 
dialog in a future issue. 

12 days of Christmas 



A is for animal 



Alice in Wonderland 



Alpha bugs 



Amazing monkeys 


National Geographic 

Animal homes 


National Geographic 

Animals showing off 


National Geographic 

Architecture pack 


Van der Meer 

Art pack 


Van der Meer 

At the zoo 


National Geographic 







Ben's box 


Carter, Pelham 

Bible stories . . Old Testament. 



Botticelli's bed & breakfast 



Cats up 



Christmas alphabet book 



Crocodile and the dumper truck 



Creatures of the desert world 


National Geographic 

Dimensional mazes 



Dinner time 



Dinner with fox 



Don't go out tonight 



Dwindling party 






Explore a tropical forest 


National Geographic 

Facts of life 



Flight: Great planes of the century 



Fungus the bogeyman 



Gardens of delight 



Genius ofLothar Meggendorfer 



Giorgio 's village 









Great movies live! 


Van der Meer 

Gutenburg's gift 



Halley's Comet pop-up book 



Haunted house 






Hide and seek 


National Geographic 

How many bugs in a box? 



Hugh Johnson's pop-up wine book 


Van der Meer 

Human body 



Inside the personal computer 


Van der Meer 




Jungle adventure 



King Arthur and the magic sword 



Kubla Khan 



A Kwanzaa celebration 



Leonardo Da Vinci 



Lion cubs and their world 


National Geographic 

Love bugs 






Monster Island 


Van der Meer 

Moon rocket 



Music pack 


Van der Meer 




Naughty nineties 



Oh, no, Santa! 



One to ten pop-up surprises 






Peter and the wolf 



Phantom of the opera 


Van der Meer 

Poetry of flowers 



Pop-up Kama Sutra 



The pop-up White House 









Ruckus rodeo 



Sailing ships 


Van der Meer 

Sam 's sandwich 



Six brave explorers 



Skeleton closet 






Story of the Statue of Liberty 



Strange animals of the sea 


National Geographic 




Take away monsters 



Ten bears in a bed 



There was an old lady 



Those fabulous flying machines 



Tim Burton's nightmare beforeChristmas 


Tiny kittens 


Van der Meer 

Ultimate bug book 



Ultimate pop-up cocktail book 



Ultimate ocean book 






Victorian dollhouse 



Voyage of columbus 



Weather pop-up book 



The wheels on the bus 



Who's peeking at me? 



Working camera 


Van der Meer 



DQHnmm • ■vm 

!U S 3 


V s • 
• 9 a 

Used with permission 

This puzzle is also a contest for all 
members of The Movable Book 
Society. If correctly solved, a very 
relevant five-word phrase will 
appear somewhere within the 
diagram (see clue). To join, send the 
phrase (you don't have to send the entire 
puzzle) to X-Cited c/o PLW Inc., 4/F 
Glass Tower Building, 1 1 5 Carlos Palanca 
Jr. St., Legaspi Village, City of Makati, 
Philippines 1 200. Don't forget to include 
your complete name, home/business 
address, phone/fax number and e-mail 
address, if any. Only one entry, please, 
per member. The five (5) senders with 
the correct phrase and the earliest 
postmarks (from your end, of course) will 
be declared winners. In case of a tie 
(i.e., same postmark dates), winners will 
be randomly drawn. So send your 
entries as soon as possible. And the 
prize, you may ask? The five (5) 
winning TMBS members will be 
"immortalized" in the next POP-UP PUZZLE. 
Happy solving. 


1 1 925 silent movie starring Betty Bfythe 

4 Headgear for a royal paper doll 

9 Tafari, Haile Selassie's original name 

12 Noelle Carter's "My_: A PopUp Book" (1991) 

1 3 behind the ears 

(manifests inexperience): 2 wds. 

1 4 Go for 

15 Half-moon 

1 6 Kunta Kinte was one 

17 Bruce Sprinsteen's #1 album, "Born in 
the _" (1984) 

1 8 New York's cast-iron district 

20 Meek lamb (very timid): 2 wds. 

21 Equal 

22 Wilson, illustrator of "The Snowman's 

Christmas Surprise" (1990) 

24 King Guzzle's domain (from "Alley Oop") 

26 Stephen Wyllie & Jonathan Allen's " 

Dragon" (1993): 2 wds. 
29 Ernest Nister's "_ Polly" (c. 1 890's) 

33 Vojtech Kubasta's "Up in the_" (1986) 

34 Simple sugar suffix 

35 an idea (start of something big): 2 wds 

39 Chuck Murphy's "The Pop-Up Book of 


42 Web provider 

43 Traditional folksong "Michael the 

Boat Ashore" 

44 Evil spell 

47 He played Sam Fujiyama in "Quincy, ME" 
49 What to do with a flap 

53 French fool 

54 " My Love a Cherry" or "The Riddle 

Song"(c. 1850): 2 wds. 

56 Rap's Dr. 

57 Illustrator of Dick Dudley's "A Christmas 
Carol" (1986): inits. 

58 Rob Fink's "The _ Clowns: A Pop-Up 
Story Book" (1950) 

59 Large shoe size 

60 River to the Rhine 




















19 |20 

I 21 




24 25 











Though "X" may \X The extra "X" 
mark the spot y^\. is not 




37 f38 


39 |40 [41 

42 L 






IB 47 

48 B49 















61 Baby bird? 

62 Carlo Dijs' "The Sweat and Swigs 
Workout for _: A PopUp Action Book" 

1 Health havens 

2 Beverfy Lazor-Bahr's "Fievel the _" ( 1 99 1 ) 

3 Imprint 

4 "_ Not True" (1 875), English translation 
of the Italian song "None Ver" 

5 Ron Van DerMeer's "Monster _"( 1981) 

6 Dean & Son's " an Archer": 2 wds. 

7 Improve 

8 Eroded 

9 Dissolute man 

10 Altar site 

1 1 Rodger Smith's "Twinkle, Twinkle Little 

1 9 Implement for Michael (see 43ACROSS) 
21 Author of "The Pit and the Pendulum" 
(see Terry Oakes' 1988 "A Fiendish 
Pull-the-Tab Pop-Up Book of Classic 
Tales of Horror") 
23 Light gas symbol 

25 Gold, in heraldry 

26 Children's game 

27 Step on it 

28 Misbehave 

30 _ Cooke, illustrator of 39-DOWN 

31 Half a deadly fry? 

32 Opposite of 40-DOW\ 

36 Horn and Meg Wchioerg's "Toby's 

Trip" (1943) 

37 Soccer score, before the tie-breaker 

38 Keith Mosefy's "The _ of the 
Pterosaurs" (1986) 

39 lb Penick's " 's Super Surprise Book" 


40 Opposite of 32-DOWN 

41 Claire Uttlejohn's "The and the Pussy- 
Cat" (1987) 

44 "_Jive", 1940 ditty remade by the 
Manhattan Transfer in 1 975 

45 Swenson of "Benson" 

46 Meggendorfer's "From Far and " 

(c. 1 890) 

48 Polynesian rootstock 

50 The same author: abbr. 

5 1 On the house 

52 Nirvana's "Smells Like _ Spirit" (1992) 

54 Charles M. Schulz's " Good to Have 

a Friend: A Hallmark PopUp Book" 

55 A mouse! 

A B El |M R S 








1 L L E R 




K E N O B, 1 1 



— ■ 




A L 1 


E R 








^U R T A 1 N 

E X D O N 




Z S A 

Repairing Meggendorfer Books 

By Michael Mitchell 
British Library Printed 
Books Conservation Studio 

A wide range of movable books were published 
during the 1 9th century. Dean & Son were one of the 
largest publishers of this kind of book in the middle of 
the century, two examples of which are: The voyages 
and adventures of Robinson Crusoe - on each page an 
illustration is erected by pulling a ribbon attached to 
the book - and Dean s new book of dissolving views 
(ca. 1850) - by pulling a tab, one picture '•dissolves" 
into another. 

This type of book reached its height of popularity 
towards the end of the century. Examples were 
regularly printed in Germany in places associated with 
the toy trade. 

Some of the more ingenious and complicated 
movable toy books were created by a German designer 
Lothar Meggendorfer. He designed complex 
mechanisms at the back of each picture made of 
different thicknesses of card and of varying length, 
shape and size. These were attached to cardboard tabs 
protruding from the page to move the picture when 
pulled. Meggendorfer's books were produced in 
Germany, exported to Britain and published by H. 
Grevel & Co., Covent Garden, London. 

I received nine Meggendorfer volumes to conserve 
and return to a fully functioning condition, Most of the 
books were in a poor state - the cases were badly 
marked, the corners broken, and the cloth and printed 
covers torn. The movable pictures were in varying 
degrees of decay. The figures on the front and the 
mechanisms on the back were torn, bent and some 
were missing altogether. In addition some of the coiled 
wires used as pivots for the moving parts were broken 
and corroded. Most of this damage was due to the 
degradation of the pages through rough handling, 
probably (buy not necessarily!) by children. The pages 
were very brittle around the edges due to the effect of 
acidity and dust. 

Each movable section had the picture page and the 
text page sealed like an envelope with the mechanism 
inside. The books were not sewn but had a paper guard 
on each section. The guards were folded around each 
section throughout the book. 

The books were first pulled and dry cleaned using an 
archival pad. eraser and a soft duster. As the sections 
were taken apart, all loose pieces of the mechanisms 
were put into envelopes and cataloged. 

The pH readings recorded for each volume were low. 
Due to the brittleness of the pages and the make up of 
the mechanisms it was decided to spray deacidify using 
methoxy magnesium methyl carbonate. After this 
treatment, the volumes gave satisfactory pH readings. 

The covers were examined to see if the cases could 
be made strong enough to hold the textblocks. If the 
case was in fairy good condition it was repaired in situ. 
If the cloth was torn or badly worn it was renewed. The 
paper covers were soaked off those boards which were 
damaged beyond repair, repaired and attached to new 

A detailed drawing of each mechanism was made to 
enable correct reassembly. Where there were damaged 
and missing parts, the correct working function had to 
be ascertained before a diagram would be made. 

I then dismantled the mechanisms. When all the 
pieces were separated, the moving parts at the front of 
the picture, such as the heads, arms and legs were 
removed. All pieces were repaired, strengthened and 
replaced as necessary, using jap tissue, card and cream 
rag endleaf of 80, 120 and/or 160 gsm. 

The pictures and text sheets were repaired using jap 
tissue for the tears and small missing pieces and paper 
of the same weight for any large missing sections. The 
back of each sheet was lined with 8 oz. support tissue, 
and the front pictures and text framed with the same 

Before reassembly, new coiled wire pivots had to be 
created. 1 decided to use telephone wire as it is non- 
corrosive and sufficiently flexible. A small coil was 
formed at one end of the wire, the shaft of the pivot 
was then threaded through the mechanism from the 
picture side to allow another coil to be formed on the 
reverse, after which the surplus wire was trimmed off. 

Each section was reassembled using this method. The 
books were put together by folding the guards around 
each section, the final guard being folded around the 
spine of the book. Endpapers were reattached and the 
books put back into their cases. Finally, for future 
preservation and protection, each volume was housed 
in a cloth flap case. 

Reprinted with permission from Library conservation 


Catalogs Received 

Aleph-Bet Books. Catalogue 551. 218 Waters Edge, 
Valley Cottage, NY 10989. Phone: 914-268-7410. 

Books of the Ages. "Don't Sleep the Summer Away," 
Catalogue 15. And "I Can't Believe the Summer is 
Over," Catalogue 16. Gary J. Overmann, 4764 
Silvenvood Dr. Batavia, Ohio 45 103. 5 1 3-732-3456. 

Childrens & Illustrated Books. Thomas and Mary Jo 
Barron. 120 Lismore Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038.215- 

Judith Janowitz. 164 56th Ave. Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Rose Lasley. "Pop-ups." 5827 Burr Oak. Berkeley, IL 
60163-1424. Phone: 708-547-6239. 

Anastasia: Introducing Anastasis and her friends. 
[One simple pop-up]. HarperActive. 5'/2 x 9'/i. 20 
pages. $5.98.0-694-01104-5. 

Anastasia: Anastasia goes to a party. A Changing- 
scenes book. 6Vi x 10. 8 sliding pictures.HarperActive. 

Angels: A pop-up book. Tiny Tomes. 2x2. 12 page 

Six pop-ups. October. Andrews & McMeel.$3.95. 


Also: Fathers. 0-8362-3643-2. 

For my daughter. 0-8362-3644-0. 

For my friend. 0-8362-3645-9. 

Grandmothers. 0-8362-3646-7. 

Golf. 0-8362-2956-8. 

Happy birthday! 0-8362-2953-3. 

Merry Christmas. 0-8362-3642-4. 

Thank you. 0-8362-3647-5. 



00 = 


Jo Ann Reisler. Ltd. Catalogue 39. 360 Glyndon St., 
NE, Vienna VA. Phone:703-938-2967. Fax: 703-938- 
9057. Email: Reisler^ 

Unicorn Books. Catalogue 82. 56 Rowlands Ave., 
Hatch End, Pinner, HA5 4BP. England. Phone:0181- 
420-1091. Fax: 0181-428-0125. Also see listings at: 

Can you do what dog can do? In the morning, [tab- 
operated mechanicals] By Jo Lodge. 6" x 6". 12 pages. 
Barron's. $5.95. 0-7641-5069-3. 
Also: Can you do what rabbit can do? In the evening. 

Cars, boats, train. & planes. 8 14 x 1 1 . 8 pages. 
Orchard. 0-53 1-30058-7. 

New Publications 

The following titles have been identified from pre- 
publication publicity, publisher's catalogs, or adver- 
tising. All titles include pop-ups unless otherwise 
identified. Titles reviewed in Robert Sabuda's 
"Movable Reviews" column are not included in this 

ABC fun: Appiebee Cat's activity alphabet. By David 
Pelham. 6 '/« x 6'/ 2 . 27 pages. Dutton. 0-525-45827-1 . 

Counting zoo: A pop-up number book. [The cover of 
this book is new but the contents are the same as the 
1992 Aladdin Book.] By Lynette Ruschak. Envision 
Publishine. $14.95. 1-8906-3301-1. 

The day before Christmas: A pop-up book and 3-D 
scene. 4x5.12 pages. Litttle Simon. $5.99. 
Also: The first Christmas. 0-689-81437-2. 
Trouble at the haunted house. 0-689-81438-0. 
Wanda Witch's bad day! 0-689-8 1 435-6. 

Make a joyful noise: A pop-up book of Christmas 
carols. By Francesca Crespi. Little Simon. $14.95. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art masks: Spectacular 
masks to pop up. pull out. and put on! 9 x 12. 10 
pages. $19.95.0-7894-2454-1. 

Sailing Ships: A pop-up book. By Ron Van der Meer. 
Alan McGowan. and Borje Svensson. [Reissued] 
Andrews & McMeel. 11 x 11. $22.95. 1-8884-4304-9. 

Anastasia: Welcome to Paris. HarperActive. 7'/i x T/z. 
10 pages. $7.98. 0-694-01086-3. 

A Three-dimensional medieval castle. Viking. 9x14. 
Four-section carousel. $22.95. 0-670-87765-4.